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APC RS 650 Back-UPS RS 900VA

Pros: Voltage regulation and battery backup sufficient for many office workstations.
Cons: A heavyweight for its size at 20.5 lbs.

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Smart-UPS protects your data by supplying network-grade battery backup when power fails. With Power Chute plus software the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will safely store data and shut down your network operating system before the battery is fully discharged, whether you’re there or not. Smart Slot internal accessory slot allows you to install optional accessories to enhance the performance of your UPS. APC Smart-UPS is the perfect UPS for fileservers, minicomputers, UNIX CPUs, Internet hubs, telecommunications systems and other mission-critical applications.

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Low Power Voltage Stabilizer (1500VA)


  1. Output over voltage protection: AC 248V±4V
  2. Time delay: 3 – 8min
  3. Power: 1,500VA
  4. Rated auto-input voltage: 160 – 260V AC
  5. Manual regulating input voltage: 75 – 260V AC
  6. Rated output voltage range: AC 220V±10%


1pc/shock resistance box, 10pcs/carton
Box dimensions: 63 x 45 x 28cm
N.W.: 4.2kg
G.W.: 45kg

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FDR Stabilizer


  1. Microprocessor control
  2. Automatic voltage regulation
  3. Protection against brownouts and over voltages
  4. Short circuit and overload protection
  5. Digital meter indicates line voltage and regulated voltage
  6. LED indicators to show status of working, input and output
  7. Selectable delay time
  8. Built-in transformer: square transformer or servo motor
  9. Surge, spike and lightning protection
  10. Global voltage customization: 220V, 230V, 240V, 110V, 115V, 120V
  11. Power: 1000VA, 1500VA, 2000VA, 3KVA, 5KVA, 8KVA, 10KVA
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Voltage Regulators

AC Voltage Regulator (Stabilizer)


  1. Composed of a contact type self-coupling voltage regulator, automatic sampling control circuit and a servomotor
  2. With under or over voltage protection and delay function to ensure the perfect performance of appliances
  3. Input voltage: 150 – 250V
  4. Output voltage: 220V ± 3%, 110V ± 6%
  5. Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
  6. Delayed output time: 3 – 7min / 3 – 7sec
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AC Voltage Regulator and Stabilizer


  1. SVR series stabilizers are composed of servo, motor type transformer, automatic sampling control circuit
  2. With delay function which will effectively protect home appliance form distortion of unbalanced input
  3. Input voltage: 150V – 250V
  4. Output voltage: 220V ± 3%, 110V ± 6%
  5. Delay output time: 3 – 7min / 3 – 7sec
  6. Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
  7. Usage area: computer, lighting equipment, TV equipment, medical equipment, communicating equipment, fridge and freezer, air condition, PABX, home electrical and electronic appliances
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Servo Automatic Voltage Regulator

Model No.: 1KVA-10KVA
Product Origin: China
Price Terms: FOB, C&F, CIF
Payment Terms: T/T in advance, L/C at sight
Supply Ability: 10,000pcs/month
Minimum Order: 50pcs
Delivery Lead Time: Within 20 days after receiving T/T or L/C
Certifications: CE, CCC, ISO9001

  1. Input voltage: 150V-250V, 50V-130V
  2. Output voltage: 220V+/-3%
  3. over voltage protection: 246V+/-4V
  4. Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
  5. Low voltage protection
  6. Efficiency: more than 85%
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